Meet Emily

I think I was 8 when I figured out that photography was in my blood and in my future. Ever since then, I have been clicking away and dreaming of making it my career. Fortunately, it came true. I found myself on this amazing island, fell in love with it and have never looked back. What could be better? I am living my dreams with my family in one of the most beautiful places on earth. Billi and I have been working together for many years helping locals and vacationers alike capture their treasured moments and logging their memories. There are many things that make me unique in this industry and one of those qualities that stand out is the fact that I will go above, beyond, below and beside to capture your pictures. My photography takes a photojournalistic style and wraps it up with technical skills that are always developing and evolving. I also realize everyone is different and I want to capture your uniqueness in photographs. Tell me what your vision is and I will work with you to make it happen. I love to experiment, have fun, and learn new ways of photographing everything around me. You can trust that I will be there with my camera on and ready to capture the moments in life that are meaningful to you. Billi and I take great pride in our customer service from start to finish. Call or email me today and we can get you set up for your photo shoot.

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Welcome to Please visit my blog and share some of my memorable and fun experiences that we have created. Billi
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